Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Ketchup (again)

Jeez, last entry was from April and now we're already approaching the new year. We've been delinquent from our blog, but we assure you not delinquent in activity. Honestly, a stupid (good) amount of stuff has happened since our last post.
We released 'Hoped Destinations' on June 8, 2012. All couldn't be done w/o New Fidelity Productions (Chris Madine), Far-I-Rome Productions, Northside Tavern, the Founding Fathers, Horsecop and West Ghost. It was a pretty good over-all experience. We experienced some technical difficulties during our set, which was a major bummer, but in the end we came away from the experience w/ an album we're really proud of that sounds really great. Check it out here:

We have a new member! Mr.  Alessandro Corona now plays drums for us. As you can imagine, musically and creatively this has really opened up some doors for us. Now, both Rob and I are on guitar primarily, which really fills out the sound. It's been really inspiring, so we wasted no time to start writing and recording again. I bought a house with my girlfriend over the summer, so the band's home-recording experience has been much more comfortable with more room to spread out. The new stuff is sounding really good and definitely pretty different. Here's a scratch version one our early recordings for the new album. Rob's on vocals; it's called 'Worrywart'

We have shows coming up!:
-Dec. 22 w/ Revenge Pinata and Black Pharaoh @ the Comet @9pm Free!

-Jan. 26 w/The Flesh Pets, Old City, Mardou (this one's gonna be really awesome) @Rake's End @9pm Free (as far as I know)

-Feb. 8th w/ Prize the Doubt (columbus), Fourth Wife (ex-Weakness) and probably 1 more...@Rake's End yadda yadda

We're planning on also trying to record a live album @ Tonehouse Music in Northside probably in March so we'll keep ya posted about that. We hope to have an entire self-recorded album and a professionally recorded 7" done within the upcoming months in the new year. Should be a good year for us, hitting the ground running. We've also been making some new friends 'round the Nati and we're getting good vibes of things to come. Lots of support for creativity and many like-minded musicians coming out of the woodwork. Keep on eye on Cincinnati. Things might be happening.
Speaking of new music, Homemade Drugs and Old City both have new recordings out on bandcamp so check em out! Really good local stuff. If you kind of like us, you'll really like them.

Until next time.

-JAS/Dinosaurs and Thunder

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Catchin' Up

Ok so we haven't posted anything in awhile, so I thought I'd just give a quick update. We've been recording/mixing over the last month @ New Fidelity Productions in Cincy, on Springrove. The whole experience has been fantastic. Since starting up around 2010, we've done a lot of home recording ourselves, but we're relatively new to the actual studio environment. Chris Madine, who's recording, mixing and engineering the album for us, has been very accomadating, helpful and friendly throughout. This has made our first real studio experience very positive, and we'd recommend the studio and his services to anyone.

We were originally going to have a release party for a self recorded EP, but after meeting w/ Rome and Far-I-Rome Productions, we decided to actually hit the studio and lay down an entire album. It really was a good choice, because we didn't realize how many songs we actually had. Over a 15 hr period we fully recorded all parts (overdubs, doubles, etc) of 14 songs in 15 hrs! We were originally hesitant to even agree to 10, but I don't think we truly assessed how much we have written over the last couple of years.

So as not to let the hard work we put into the recording of the original EP go to waste, we've released it for free download, entitled Decapitated in Space EP, at our bandcamp site ( so go pick it up! We re-recorded a few of the songs on it for the upcoming album, so this is somewhat of a sneak peak.

As for the comics we mentioned in the last post, we had to take a step back from that for a little while. Our hands have been pretty full w/ the album and Ep so little time remained for this (we have pathetic minion day jobs as well, folks!) However, we have the storyline written up for one segment and some rough storyboards started, so don't write it off! We'll probably have some draft of it ready by the end of the year, if not sooner.

Anyway, the album is sounding really good and we're really excited. The album release will be in June, but we're waiting to announce the particulars. But I will say that it's going to be @ one of our favorite venues w/at least a couple our favorite local bands....

That is all..(for now)

Dinosaurs and Thunder

Tuesday, January 3, 2012


Rob and I started drawing and doing art together shortly after we met. We both had similar early influences (X-Men, Jack Kirby, Spider-Man, Todd Mcfarlane, Ren and Stimpy) and had studied or done art work outside of school. The pictures almost automatically spun out of control from the beginning; both of us constantly trying to out-gross each other. But eventually we were able to anticipate what we individually wanted from a picture and have since been able to create some very engaging work. Unable to decide how to unleash the material to the public, the ideas have remained marinating for a long time. 
Recently, our good Pal/Mascot/Yes-man Ryan Kelly inspired me to get back into comics. My renewed reading of fresh material has brought me a renewed inspiration. After throwing some ideas around, we have a pretty solid idea for a simple "ash-can" style comic, titled simply Dinosaurs and Thunder. Tentatively it will contain 3 very short stories. The first two stories will most likely be written by Ryan, with Rob doing art for one and I doing art for the second. The third will be completely collaborative. Each issue will span three styles: a super-hero fiction plot, a 'slice of life' non-fiction story and then a more abstract, free form ending. References for what I personally have in mind would be Zap! Comix/ R. Crumb, Harvey Pekar, Love and Rockets and Matt Furie's Boys Club. After we get done with the first issue, we plan on trying to digitize it and also have an online version of it. So hopefully, when we get done with our EP we'll also have some art to present with it as well.
I've just noticed how long this entry is. Sorry to talk your ear off, I'm just excited. 


Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Out of our minds and recording

So we have been recording experimental songs and a couple standards for an upcoming ep for quite a long time. Upon assembly, we found that we only had two of our actual songs that we play live recorded for the ep, and the jam tracks were outweighing the actual songs. So last night we put our drunken noses to the grindstone once again and busted out three of our never-recorded, but live staple-songs. If I may say, I do believe we nailed em'. The songs have a really great sound with fantastic natural reverb. It's great to finally have a document of these songs. Can't wait to get em' finished and to your ears!

Tuesday, February 15, 2011


What's up. Dinosaurs and Thunder are a band, an experience, and a general outlook on life.  Hailing from the mundane streets of Cincinnati, OH, the band consists of three members: Jon Stout-Drums, Guitar, vocals, Rob Santel-Drums, Guitar, vocals, Josh Bradbury- Bass, Guitar. They get bored and switch their instruments. They're currently recording and playing shows. (switching to first person) We like playing everywhere, the weirder the better, so if you have any ideas hit us up at You can hear/download some of our tunes at or We'll probably have a full length done before the end of the year. See ya soon.